Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ouray Ice Fest 2008

So my buddies just got sponsored by an energy drink, and they had to go to Ouray to represent their product. I was getting ready and making plans to head to either Silverton for the massive snow fall or to Utah, to see my family, since I haven't in almost a year. Travis came bursting in the door while I was on the phone with Ronnie, arranging couch space in Utah. He told me I was going with them to Ouray! The pictures below are some from the trip.

Going through Wind River Canyon, looking at ice.

Somewhere between Shoshone, WY and Casper.

Light traffic in Denver

Fourteen hours of driving, so far, and Fairplay Pass is CLOSED!

Monarch Pass, day two. Should have brought skis, methinks.

Welcome to the Ice Park. Finally!


Don scoping said lines.

Sue Nott's memorial.

Travis on a mixed line

Travis on ice.

Don at the belay.

Common occurance. Big Smiles.

Ice is good.

Travis and I at the belay station.

Random guy doing a mike'd demo.

Good times were had by all. My brain is still a big fuzzy as to what really went on, at various times through the week. There was the party at the Community Center, then the Outlaw Bar, where there were rumors of stripping, then to a house party above Ouray Mountain Sports, then a dance, then more booze, then me trying to figure out how to get comfy on the floor of the motel. What happens in Ouray, stays in Ouray!

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