Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Three new routes on the North Fork

So I have been living more or less a dream life this winter. I quit my job at Sierra Trading Post and have been living wherever I want, and basically just screwing around. I started hiking around the North Fork of the Shoshone during the time I have spent back home in Cody, and have found some worthy stuff. Travis Hannon and I have been hitting it pretty hard, trying to get it all done.

Purge The System: WI3

This fine route is located past Big Game Campground. If you drive to Clearwater, and turn around, drive back to the first bridge. The ice will be obvious. Park at the bridge, and the ice is right across the river.

Myself at the bottom of Purge the System.

Travis leading the first pitch of Purge

Following the first pitch of Purge

Myself and Travis at the top of Purge The System, First Ascent

On rappel from the first pitch of Purge The System

Purge The System from the road.

Clive and the Commanche: W/I4 ????
This fine climb is located in a secret canyon somewhere between Cody and Yellowstone National Park. This is the obvious gem of the drainage, and is definitely worth the fourty five minute hike. It involves climbing a tree, gaining a horrible-ly outward sloping ledge, running it out for fifteen feet to ice, then climbing about sixty five feet of W/I3+4. It is the most amazing climb I have ever had the privelidge of getting my ass kicked on.

Travis leading the tree pitch

What now?

On top of the tree, not looking forward to the ledge.

Travis leading the ice

Travis at the bottom. The picture doesn't show nearly how tall and involved this climb is, for being a one pitcher

There is one other climb that has been done up this same drainage, I just don't have pictures for it yet. It is an easy WI2 that I soloed while checking out another fork of the main drainage. Lots of pretty cool short rollers, pretty long, involving everything from technical ice to snow, to tree climbing. I called it Wooie and the Woozels, and rated it WI2

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