Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aldrich Creek Ice

Travis and I decided we wanted to do something that we had not yet done, in a rarely visited drainage. Aldrich Creek usually gets snowed shut very early in the season, and doesn't clear up until fairly late in the year. With the warm weather we had, we knew we could get up there, and try this climb that Trav wanted to do.

That's a big kitty.

At the bottom of the pitch, getting tied in.

The bottom headwall

Working to the top. We figured it was about 155 feet. Alot longer than it looked.

Just below the top headwall.

The last shot before the camera died.

Unfortunately, I knew I was forgetting something last night. Well, that something was charging my camera battery. So, I only got a few shots, and am still waiting on getting Trav's. They may get uploaded later. The drainage was a total slog. No ice on the creek, meant breaking through every few feet, wading through the last remaining snow drifts, with just enough slick spots to require crampons. Oh well, it was a really fun, wet, juicy climb, that doesn't get done that often. The drainage has already seen runoff once, and it must have been a sight to see. There were new beaches about five feet above water level. There were a lot of potentially cool lines up there, but it was so warm, most were melted out and THIN. We went up with doing more pitches in mind, but a storm system rolled in, and we decided to get out while we still could. The road is a 4x4 Jeep trail, and was a fun ride going out. The mud was deep, and slick. Would I go up again? Definitely!

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