Monday, February 25, 2008

From One Day To The Next

This weekend, Travis and I wanted to go tick off some routes that we had already attempted this year, but had been turned back due to rotten weather, slow leaders, other parties on the climb, or some other reason. On the menu for Saturday was Broken Hearts, as many pitches as we could get through. The weather was a beautiful, sun lit forty two degrees when we left the car.

Travis on pitch one.

Topping out on Pitch One.

Travis leading Pitch Two.

Making a go on Pitch Three.

After bailing off midway up the bottom. We could hear ice falling from the upper tier while we were up there, so we cut our losses.

The next objective for the weekend was Chasing The Sun. You have to love Wyoming weather, as it was maybe ten degrees when we left the car Sunday for this climb, and snowing. We were concerned with what this sudden shift in weather would do to the ice.

Travis on the approach.

Travis giving Pitch Two a go.

This was pretty much our high point. Since it was so warm, then so cold, most of the ice was fairly well rotted out. Travis tried going up higher, but dinner plates the size of our bodies were coming off, so we decided to get the hell out of there. He then tried another line, after we both discussed the possibility of it actually going. He got about the same height as these pictures, and had to bail, on account of the crappy ice. The first pitch was starting to melt out at the top by the time we got back to it, so we bailed off of that fairly quick as well. Oh well, next time. It was still a good weekend to be out playing. And of course, it begins to feel more and more like spring. I was getting all excited for some rock climbing, some more mountain biking, maybe some boating, and as I write this it is snowing. Hard. I guess maybe winter still has a bit of bite to her. More time for ice climbing!

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