Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Week Later... It Is Done

So last week Travis and I decided we needed to break our tattoo artist into the world of climbing. He decided to bring his girlfriend along, and I almost *don't tell him* think she climbed harder than he did! She is an animal, they both are, and we got them hook, line, and sinker!!!!

Justin and Bekah looking up at Bruce's Crack (5.6) wondering what in the hell they are getting in to.

Justin getting ready to give her.

Justin pulling the roof.

Taking a breather at the first rest after the roof.

Travis, Justin and Bekah getting ready to follow me up the Prow. (5.4)

Bekah and Justin

Bekah styling it.

Bekah on her first rappel.

Justin following her.

It was a great day to be at the Island. I got back into the swing of things after taking much of the summer off, and kept my head through all my leads, which made me quite happy. Tomorrow we are taking them up to the Bridge Bands, so we will have even more stories and tales of excitement.

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